Would you like to Buy $1,000,000 dollars of Real Estate this year with bad credit and very little cash?

THE SMARTEST, FASTEST, ABSOLUTE BEST Way To Get Started is to have a licensed professional who has done it before to show you how. PERIOD!


This is a limited availability VIP Apprenticeship program. I do not work with just anybody, and I reserve the right to deny any application for mentorship according to my parameters.

DO NOT apply until you have read through terms, price, and condition. If I receive an application from you, I am assuming you are ready NOW. Capice?

One of the chief reasons for Dell’s remarkable run from start-up to worldwide leader in market share, said Fortune magazine in 2005, is that Michael Dell surrounded himself with mentors and consultants when he needed to.
— Kate Ludeman, author of Alpha Male Syndrome

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
— Thomas Edison

Come to the edge, He said. They said, We are afraid. Come to the edge, He said. They came. He pushed them…and they flew.
— Guillaume Apollinaire

First of all, can I just speak to you like you were one of my family members or close friends? If you are ok with that then keep reading, if not please hit the X in the top right corner NOW. The last thing I need in my life is to work with someone that is thin skin and easily get their feelings hurt or cry when they step on an ant by accident. You have to be strong to survive. All my friends are relentless, never surrender and tough as hell!

Ok since you're still reading dont get all touchy on me and offended at my personality. I have nothing but respect for the person that desire to change their life for the better and I can help you!

Hire me as your personal real estate investment mentor. Do it now. Go. Right now. Do it.

Learn from MY Mistakes!

“Fools say that they learn by experience. I prefer to profit by others'experience.”
Otto von Bismarck

The hardest part about no one being in your corner for support and guidance is you're going to make many mistakes like I did. Those mistakes can be extremely painful. At this level you can't afford to make so many mistakes.

Mistakes cost you money and time. Some financial mistakes some people make they never recover from and it totally devisate their life. I was either blessed, lucky or just too damn stubborn to give up.

I have owned all kinds of businesses from import/exporting gadgets that I sold on late night 1-800 TV commercials, 900 numbers, consulting businesses, Investment and Construction Businesses, and I have made many financial mistakes that totally devastated my businesses but during those times I learned what it took to be successful.

The best part about learning it from scratch is once you develop your plan, take some action and get some success from it then you can teach anyone whom you choose. Now thats not the preferred way I choose to learn, however, at the time it was the only option I had it seemed. Smarter people, when given the opportunity, tend to choose to learn from the people who went through Hell and now can teach them how to stay away from business hell! Understand?

Hire me as your New CEO!

Do it NOW , Just Do It!

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."
Michael Jordan

You need a team member but not just any team member you need a superstar! Building a business is a major thing. You have to know all the pieces of the puzzle and how to put them together or HIRE someone that knows all the pieces of the puzzle. You need someone that knows how to jump start your business. Someone who knows exactly the first things to do first. For example, you need a business structure, a credibility package, and credit accounts for starters.

Then you need to have a plan on how to conduct your business to make a profit. You need certain systems to make sure those things are in place and running smoothly. What does your tax plan look like? How about your personal credit? Those things need to be addressed and or fixed to make conducting business so much easier for you.

Your new CEO is a damn WINNER and you will be also!

“The person that said winning isn’t everything, never won anything.”
Mia Hamm

You will be the majority owner and I will be your CEO. Do you know what a CEO is or does? That's the person that's in charge of the business. It's the Chief Executive Officer. That is the person who makes all the final decisions on the operation of the business besides the owner.

The CEO outranks all other officers employed at the business. They can hire and fire anyone besides the owner. The CEO’s job is to grow the business and make it continually more profitable for the owner.

This is why the owners of companies pay the CEO’s on Wall St hefty million dollar bonuses that make the news and we typically don't understand why the employees, who are doing the labor barely make a living wage. It is the CEO that is making the decisions to keep the company alive and to grow it for the owner. You can find workers any and everywhere but finding a good CEO who can be trusted to grow your company is PRICELESS!

I have started businesses from zero and grew to millions of dollars in acquisitions along with sales many times for myself and on behalf of others. I could do the same for you. I would tell you step by step the things we need to do to get your Real Estate Investment company off the ground and running.

I will show you how to find deals, how to flip deals, how to do the construction on your properties, how to finance your deals, how to insure your business, how to insure the deals themselves, how to write your offers, how to analyze deals, how to do your marketing, how to buy $1,000,000 of Real Estate in one year with little money and no credit check if that is your goal.

Bare with me while I Flex for a quick minute ok?

“It is confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allow us to keep looking for new adventures”
Oprah Whinfrey

Right about now I could get real cocky and start showing you insane checks from the profits I have made over the years but I will spare you from my ego unlike many wanna be self proclaimed beginner Real Estate Gurus with no professional licenses in ANYTHING pertaining to Real Estate. Besides, those checks could be fake!

If you want to find out if someone is the real deal or not don't pay much attention to the Jaguar, Cadallic, BMW or Mercedes they driving, instead look their name up in the city assessor's office deed book room. In my case, take your calculator with you. You will see my personal name as the only owner on the title and deed to all the Real Estate I ever owned, then you will know I'm the real deal.

No one else is EVER on the title with me regarding my Real Estate Holdings. I have no need for business partners in that regard. When you see $1,000,000 of Real Estate personally purchased by me in the records room, then I will give you the name of the businesses I own that I buy Real Estate with as well, and watch the totals quickly sore above $2,000,000. Ask the other self proclaimed no license gurus to do that lol. Ok, Im done flexing for now. I think. :)

You have no choice but to excel!

My mentor said, ‘Let’s go do it,’ not ‘You go do it.’ How powerful when someone says, ‘Let’s!’”
Jim Rohn

I'm your CEO but Im also like a mentor. With me as your new CEO, you now have no choice but to excel if you do the things I inform you we need to be doing to grow and establish your new company. But wait, then again I can not guarantee that you will be successful simply because I'm not sure if you will do everything I suggest you do in a timely fashion. You might be low energy, low desire, low belief in yourself or worst low “T” (guys yall know what I mean) or just plain lazy! You might lose money or you could make a lot of money or no money.

What I can tell you is that I will use the same techniques and strategies I use to buy millions of dollars of Real Estate for my business. I am extremely obsessed with Real Estate and most people simply can't go as hard as I can.

Some of you have jobs and working 8-12 hours shifts and will give me excuses why you didn't have time to do the assignment I gave you. Some of you have kids and maybe some health limitations which are all excellent, LEGITIMATE reasons for not getting things done, but at the end of the day its not going to help you start and grow your business.

When I started, I was totally obsessed with getting my business off the ground. I sacrificed many things to include calling in sick at my job so I could work at home on my new business, vacations, partying, quality time, relationships any and everything to breathe life into my newborn company! My new company was everything to me! It was like it was my child and depended on me to live. I took care of it, nursed it to be big and strong and now it takes care of me and the people I care about.

My fee for being your CEO for 6 months

“You see me doing things you wish you could do. However, the difference between you and I is, I know things you do not know. Pay me to teach you for God's sake! Or continue to watch me”
Bennie Baskerville

A great CEO who grow the company and make it more profitable year after year make a lot of money for obvious reasons. Wouldn't you pay someone generously in hopes they do not leave your company if they were doing a great job making your business bigger each year for you?

If you have been watching other people make incredible money and securing their retirement by investing in real estate for years and still have not gotten started can we agree you have no idea what to do, no direction and little hope of success if you miraculously got started somehow?

You could bypass all of those people who never got started simply by hiring me as your CEO. I could easily charge a ridiculously low price of $50,000 to create your business for you. However, I'm not going to charge you $50,000 to be your CEO. I have charged $25,000 for a similar service and it is worth every penny of it. Considering that I will be starting a company for you with a zero track record, limited resources more than likely, and giving it the ability to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets in its first year alone is actually not just priceless but short of miraculous!

If I charged you the ridiculous low price of $10,000 that would be an incredible bargain and a huge blessing to you. It will be a tremendous blessing for what it will bring to your family. This will be life changing for you and one of the best decisions you decided to do by getting an extremely experienced CEO to start and operate your business for its first 6 months.

Because I want to see you get started and finally be successful at this Im not going to even charge you $10,000. If you sign up today I will offer you the CEO package for an incredible price of $6,997! That's a fraction of what it is really worth to show you exactly what you need to do to make your business a success if you follow my suggestions as your new CEO. Also, I will show you how to write that off on your business taxes as a business expense.

Also, I will also give you a $500 discount if you mention one of my social media pages you follow me on. That will bring the price to $6,497 ! So tell me, where are you going to get a professional CEO to start your company, run your company, facilitate deals, get you funding, get your personal credit in order, write the contracts for acquisitions, price and sell assets, show you how to rehab your Real Estate, prepare budgets for the scope of work, facilitate the rehab or construction, and teach you everything im doing for $6,497 ?

Keep in mind this offer is subject to change at anytime with no further notice. The price will definitely go up not down or may not be available anymore. So make sure you don't miss out and sign up TODAY!

“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity”
H. Jackson Brown Jr.


Bennie Baskerville
Licensed Realtor/Active Investor
Member National Association of Realtors